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Bloomhub Co. is dedicated to offering unique clothing and accessories designed for Starseeds, fantasizer, truth seekers, and sovereign souls. It was founded by Jeff Timber, a passionate designer and author, with a mission to support your journey on Earth!

The Origins

With a desire to creatively express his metaphysical interests in the spiritual, esoteric, and occult domains, Jeff Timber envisioned Bloomhub co. as a platform to offer unique and enjoyable avenues for exploration. The company was established in January 2016 to cater to those seeking distinctive products aligned with their spiritual journey.

Nature’s Treasure’s in Dallas, TX in 2019
Nature’s Treasure’s in Dallas, TX in 2019

As a designer, this inspiration drove Jeff to create his own unique designs. In late 2015, he took the leap and introduced his first three patches to the world via his blog. The response from the community was overwhelmingly positive, and soon enough, requests for more patches began pouring in. His initial creations included the Starseed patch, Flower of Life, and 11:11 designs, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey. But little did he know, this was just the start of something even more incredible.

Jeff’s early sketches
Jeff’s early sketches

You have a profound understanding of the overall mission of Bloomhub. It revolves around raising the consciousness of the human race, spreading love and healing to the planet, and paving the way for a new age of enlightenment and peace.

About The Creator

Jeff had been an artist and independent thinker his entire life. After enrolling in college for animation, Jeff veered towards a different path, embarking on his career as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, catering primarily to punk and emo bands in 2004.

Following several cross-country road trips and immersive backpacking journeys through Europe, Asian , and Africa, Jeff documented his experiences through photography, he currently resides in Georgetown, DE. Jeff prioritizes spending ample time in nature, deliberately distancing himself from the clutches of social media. His attention centers around fostering mental well-being, exploring spirituality, diving into profound philosophical concepts, and forging a life grounded in truth, love, and freedom.

Contact information:

My Office: 16916 Wilson Hill Rd, Georgetown, DE 19947, USA


USA number: +1.920.552-4836

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