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28 Jun - 21 Sep,2023


Durable vinyl sticker

Conspiracy Dealer Sticker
Conspiracy Dealer Sticker $4.00
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Hey kid, I got some red pills for ya… Which would you like? Aliens, UFOs, chemtrails, vaccines, Illuminati, mind control, pedogate, whatever you are lookin’ for I got it. Just say the word. But be forewarned, there are some gnarly side effects. But you can handle it. The OFFICIAL STICKER for the conspiracy nut! Dropping red pills and spitting truth like nobody’s business.

This sticker is intended to be serious and fun at the same time. When you’ve been down the rabbit hole, you know sometimes we gotta laugh a little and lighten up the mood. We all know that one person (maybe it’s us) who’s the conspiracy dealer in your life. Makes a perfect gift! Use this Conspiracy Dealer sticker as a badge of achievement or as a beacon to call out to other seekers to notice you and strike up a conversation.

Designed by Jeff Finley Bloomhub Store. items are perfect for spiritual renegades and new age punks. This metaphysical accessory will look great on your laptop, bumper, car window, moleskine notebook, journal, trapper keeper, or wherever else you want to stick it! Show off your interest in the esoteric and occult with these high quality stickers designed by Jeff Finley of Bloomhub Store.