Starseed Rectangle Sticker



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28 Jun - 21 Sep,2023


Measures 5″ x 1.5″

Starseed Rectangle Sticker
Starseed Rectangle Sticker $4.00
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Starseed Sticker – Esoteric and Metaphysical Accessory – 5″ Weatherproof Bumper Sticker – New Age, Crystal, Indigo, Rainbow Children

High quality sticker for Starseeds! Designed by Jeff Finley specifically so you can show off your Starseed nature, express your personality, and represent your cosmic origins. Be true to who you really are!

A Starseed is a person who believes their soul to have had many lifetimes outside of Earth and here on Earth to help bring a shift in human consciousness. The individual often feels they have a special purpose for this life and can often obsess about what it is. They also seek answers to who they are, where they came from, and what they ought to do on Earth. Starseeds often have trouble fitting into normal society as they have an inner knowing that the world is meant to be a better place.

Bloomhub Store. items are perfect for spiritual renegades and new age punks. This metaphysical fashion accessory will look great on your laptop, car window, bumper, computer, desk, etc. Put it where you want your Starseed nature recognized. It’s always cool when someone comes up to you that knows what a Starseed is and starts up a conversation. Send out that subtle message and attract your tribe! Show off your interest in the esoteric and occult with these high quality products designed by Jeff Finley of Bloomhub Store.

The sticker measures 5″ x 1.5″ and is thick, durable, and weatherproof.